Main Representative

Born 1947 in Copenhagen.

After high school joined the Danish Army in 1966.

Military career from 1966 to 2007:

  • All functions in Armored Infantry units incl. Battalion Commander.
  • General Staff education.
  • Staff functions in national and international staffs.
  • Retired 2007.

Established own consultant company Dan Flyconsult in 2004.

  • Developed Safety Management Systems for national and international aviation companies.
  • Supported maintenance companies transforming from JAR to EASA rules and regulation.

Secretary in Danish Aviation Association 2004 and from 2011 Secretary-General in Danish Aviation Association.

From 2015 Vice Chair ECOGAS and member of EASA advisory bodies GA.COM and CAS.COM.

Valid PPL(A) from 1970 and from 2022 LAPL(A). About 670 hrs. on Cessna 150 and 172.

Alternative Representative

Anais is an aeronautical engineer from French Civil Aviation School, with an American master degree in Airport Management and Development.

After a 6 months internship with Aéroports de Paris, focused on safety on airside, she has joined a Business Aviation Airline as flight support and navigability engineer for 3 years.

Then, she started working on a Commercial Airline, first of all as flight support engineer, then as head of Operational Control Center, and finally as Flight Operations Postholders deputy.

At the end of 2019, she joined FNAM, French Aviation Industry Federation, as Technical Department Manager. In her missions, she works with GIPAG, National association of professionals of general aviation, on General Aviation issues. She joined ECOGAS and is now secretary of the association. She represents ECOAGS as deputy at SAB and GA.COM at EASA.

She is also a private pilot.

The main task of the GA.COM is to advise the Agency on the implementation of a more tailored regulatory approach towards GA, ensuring at the same time an adequate level of safety. The GA.COM is working in close cooperation with the GA.TEB, the group representing the National Aviation Authorities. Due to the cross-sectoral character of General Aviation, cooperation, and information exchange with other committees of the SAB will play a major role in the Committee’s activities. The GA.COM is representing National associations for all domains: Design & manufacture, aircraft maintenance, pilot licenses, operations, airspace, and aerodromes.