Marc Bailey MBA, BSc Hons, Part 66 B1/B2/C

Marc has been part of the European project from JAA through to the inception of EASA. Representing ECOGAS on the original EASA advisory board for many years, he continues his work with National regulators and government agencies in order to retain a good understanding of the political landscape in aviation. Marc chairs several industry groups and has held several formal board positions in recent years.

Marc has been fortunate to work across a broad spectrum across aviation including scheduled airlines, MROs, military contracts and as a CEO representing 180 members in the UK. With many global organisations in the UK there is still significant interaction with our European colleagues.  Marc has been a fully operational licensed engineer for 40 years and still retains licences with type ratings, for older aircraft, some of which are still surprisingly in service. He has been a post holder in Continuing Airworthiness, Quality, Base Maintenance, and a Part 147 Training Facility.

With the ECOGAS team we are seeking to ensure that commercial GA activities are correctly recognised and that our SME/micro-organisations have appropriate, proportionate regulation to deliver the safe operational environment that we have maintained for many years. What we cannot accept is the application of regulations and guidance material designed for large organisations  if doing so increases risk in our members’ organisations. That increased risk is because of inappropriate application of limited resources in complex systems that do not generate either commercial or safety benefit. We need a more pragmatic risk-based oversight from our regulators and it is our job to help achieve this for you.

Deputy Chairman

Dan Banja

Dan Banja


Born 1947 in Copenhagen.

After high school joined the Danish Army in 1966.

Military career from 1966 to 2007:

  • All functions in Armored Infantry units incl. Battalion Commander.
  • General Staff education.
  • Staff functions in national and international staffs.
  • Retired 2007.

Established own consultant company Dan Flyconsult in 2004.

  • Developed Safety Management Systems for national and international aviation companies.
  • Supported maintenance companies transforming from JAR to EASA rules and regulation.

Secretary in Danish Aviation Association 2004 and from 2011 Secretary-General in Danish Aviation Association.

From 2015 Vice Chair ECOGAS and member of EASA advisory bodies GA.COM and CAS.COM.

Valid PPL(A) from 1970 and from 2022 LAPL(A). About 670 hrs. on Cessna 150 and 172.

Financial Director

My first job was in 1970 at Avions Pierre Robin in Dijon Darois where I was Sales Promotion Manager.
I was in connection with the production and I learned a lot with the technicians.

In November 1973, back to my native town I was inquired by the Chamber of Commerce to establish a Maintenance shop on the airport .

Troyes Aviation was born.

Since the beginning we have been maintaining aircraft under CAT as there was a company based at Barberey. They operated twin engine Piper and Beechcraft .

In the 1985 years we began to maintain turboprop aircraft mainly Beech90,100,200 and MUB60.

During all those years I have been the Account Manager and Quality Manager alternate.

In the mean time I joined the SNIPAG which became GIPAG and I have been the President from 2007 to 2022.

I decided to quit in 2022 and now I am at the head of the Strategic Committee.

I have always been involved in the technical and maintenance problems and have been the witness to the regulatory evolution.

Board Members


Kurt Dahlmann


Born 1950 in Wuppertal/Germany.

After a career as a master craftsman until 1978, I trained as an aircraft mechanic (Gomolzig Flugzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH) and graduated from high school in 1983.

After studying business administration (BWL) and an education as a mechanical engineering technician, I was able to work at Regionalflug GmbH (later Eurowings) from 1986 as an assistant to the technical department management and later as head of the Eurowings engineering and technical school departments until 2004.

In 2004 I started my own consultant company TEC Aviation:

- Quality management activities with structure and organization of EASA Part -145, -21J, -21G, MG, MF and Part-CAMO and Part-CAO companies with corresponding LBA approval,

- Training of aviation personnel - aviation law and human factor in a Part-147 school

- De-icing training of ground staff for Lufthansa, Bundeswehr and various airports

- Lufthansa Train the Trainer/Instructor for De-icing procedures

- Project management

- Member of the Federal Association of General Aviation Companies e. V. (Bundesverband der Betriebe der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt e.V.)

- ECOGAS – Member of the Board for the BBAL

- PPL(A) in 1975 and CPL/IFR in 1991, current until 2018.


2021-today:Independent Expert(ECOGAS)
2014-2016:Liaison/Quality Manager for Do-228TATA in Hyderabad/for RUAG Aviation
2009-2017:Quality ManagerRUAG Aviation
2000-2009: Head of the Office of AirworthinessSR Technics
1991-1999:Attendee/Chairman ARINC 741 etc.AEEC
1989-2000:Project and Verification EngineerSR Technics
1981-1989:Design Engineer PC-6/PC-9/PC-12Pilatus Aircraft  
1981:00:00Airborne Electronic Warfare SchoolSwiss Airforce
1977-1981:Avionics Certifying StaffSwissair Technical Services
1976-1977:Commercial Pilot License/IFRSwissair Pilot School
1973-1976:Avionics Shop EngineerSwissair Technical Services


Alex is passionate about advancing Regulatory and Technical Operations in Aviation Services, specialising in Safety and Compliance.

Accordingly, Alex holds positions as:

  • Vice Chair of the European Independent Maintenance Group,
  • Member of the ECOGAS Board,
  • Deputy Chair of the UK Airworthiness Strategic Forum,
  • Member of The Institute of Engineering and Technology,
  • Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

In addition, and in conjunction with the bodies mentioned above, Alex represents us as a member of the EASA Stakeholder Advisory Body providing advice in the context of ongoing efforts to improve the European Plan for Aviation Safety. Including rulemaking, standardisation, safety promotion, international cooperation, agreements, and harmonisation activities.


Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson

Industry Consultant

Chartered Engineer and Fellow Royal Aeronautical Society

Brief Career Overview to February 2023

Britten Norman:

1970 – 1978: Chief Aerodynamicist, Flight Test Engineer and Airworthiness Engineer. 
                                Main Projects:  Design, Development and Type Approval of 300hp Islander and Trislander Aircraft.

1978 – 1982:  Deputy Technical Director. CAA A1 Approvals – Design Approvals Signature.

Main Projects: Design, Development and Type Approval of the BN2T Turbine  Islander.

1982 – 1998:  Technical Director/Head of Engineering.  CAA A1 Approvals Accountable

Manager and Design Approvals Signature.  145 Accountable Manager.

Main Projects:  Design, Development and Type Approval of the BN2T-4R
Surveillance Aircraft and the BN2T-4S.

1998 – 2000:  As above and Deputy Chief Executive.

2000 – 2003: Chief Executive of BN Group and Head of Engineering.  CAA A1 Approvals Accountable Manger and Design Approvals Signature.
145 Accountable Manager.

2003 Retired from BN.

2003 - To Date:  Independent Aeronautical Consultant.

2003 - 2006:  Contracted by BN as Temporary and Part time Head of Engineering to convert CAA Approvals to EASA DOA and POA. 
EASA DOA Design Approval Signature.

2004 -To Date: Engineering Adviser to BBGA 

2013 - To date: Head of Design, Islander Aircraft Ltd.
2013 Obtained EASA DOA Design Approvals - EASA Design Approval Signature.

2021 (Post Brexit) Converted EASA Design Approvals to CAA Design Approvals – CAA Design Approval Signature.


Member of the CAA Airworthiness Requirements Board: January 1995 until it was disbanded in February 2004.

GAMTA Council Member March 1998 to June 2005.

Member of the Industrial Advisory Board of Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University: 1992 to 2008.

Advisor to the Department of Trade and Industry, Air Division, on General Aviation related issues (Including GA Noise) 1982 - 2000.  Co-Chair of the JAR 36 – FAR 36 ARAC Noise Certification Work Group.

Member of EASA Safety Standards Committee (SSCC) from formation in February 2004 until disbandment May 2016

Member of EASA SSCC Design and Manufacturing Sub Committee: from formation to disbandment May 2016.  Vice Chair until December 2015.

Member of the EASA DM.TEC Committee from 2016 to date.