The name of the organisation is European Council of General Aviation Support usually abbreviated as ECOGAS.

The members of ECOGAS considering it essential that the European business of commerce and trading in general aviation, aircraft and any other services to these aircrafts shall be able to co-operate to ensure an effective representation for the industry throughout Europe and solve problems at an international level in general interest of the industry, and also be a vital link between the European Commission in Brussels, the European Parliament, national governments and regulatory authorities to represent the general aviation industry.

Eligibility for membership

Eligible for membership of ECOGAS will be National Associations  in the European Union (EU), representing at a national level the interest of companies engaged in commercial activity in sales, maintenance and operating of general aviation aircraft, or commercial companies, engaged in the aforementioned fields, that have an office in at least one European country. Only one national Association per country can be a member of ECOGAS.

If no Association is established in a country, any commercial organisations that are members of ECOGAS, shall support the  establishment of a national organisation for companies engaged in commercial activities in sales, maintenance and operating of general aviation aircrafts in its country.

For admission to membership the members must meet the following conditions:

(1)                 Be prepared to pay a minimum contribution, which shall be established by the General Meeting.

(2)                 Shall have an office in a European country.